I am a marketing professional with a track record of success in digital marketing, content marketing, strategic and tactical marketing, and historically within both print and other traditional media as well. I am keenly sensitive to brand management, consistency in messaging and online optimization. I have also made significant contributions in eCommerce, with growing interest in learning more about platforms and portals. Finally, my numbers in social media management and online community management are impressive.

Along the way, I have gained a strong foundation in retailer, reseller, and distributor marketing plans in a setting where individual brands were merging and changing hands concurrently. Same time, I was putting up individual platforms for the brands themselves and for the individual distributors. I’ve also earned grit in tough environments, and gotten my hands wet with a diverse array of products and buyers.

I have been thrown into the world of branding and channels on more than one occasion. In one position, I branded and rebranded the same glassware for use under multiple brand names, store names and by multiple sellers. With this, I was responsible for working with the creative teams on packaging for each effort, in order to target desired consumers. In another, I had simultaneously competed against and also optimized the Amazon sales channel. In all of my positions, a diverse array of such experiences has made me adaptable, flexible and nimble. Currently, I am consulting, but also actively seeking opportunities that maximize my involvement in both digital and content.